Friday, June 27, 2008

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Today’s just confirms what everyone outside Manly is thinking.

Jamie Lyon is an overrated oaf.

I said it last year before he got towelled up by Greg Inglis and now he’s gone and done it again.

He’s publicly declared he has no desire to play for NSW this season, after snubbing them earlier for origin II as well.

Craig Bellamy, the Newcastle Knights and the Brisbane Broncos have all called for him to be stood down due to the clause in player contracts that if they reject representative selection that they should be similarly unavailable for their clubs.

Is he scared of losing?

Probably, he snubbed selection in Origin II and NSW were belted.

His opposite man ran all over Mark Gasnier in that match and would have been set to do so again down in Sydney.
Maybe he’s afraid of Greg Inglis?

Or, maybe he is just confirming that he is THE MOST OVERRATED PLAYER IN THE GAME, playing for the most overrated club in the history of the game.

When Manly’s CEO was asked if Lyon should be stood down for moral reasons, his response was “I suggest Steve (Knights CEO Steve Burraston) check his facts. I can’t see any reference to morals.”

I’m sure you don’t Mr. Mayer, and I’ll bet in all your time at the club (and probably in your extensive administrative career) you haven’t encountered them anywhere else either.

You see, that’s why Manly are so hated.

Never in his thinking did it occur to Greg Mayer that when a player is asked if he is available for representative duty (regardless of whether he was actually picked) and says no, then he logically should be unavailable for club duty too.

Sure, to the letter of the law, he wasn’t actually picked, but then why bother picking him if two selectors and the coach phone the guy and he says no?

Seems futile, doesn’t it?

I would be entirely surprised if the Manly camp even entered into a moral discussion as to whether this was the right course of action to take.

It certainly doesn’t seem so from the mouth of their spokesman.

I can guarantee for a fact (Thanks HG Nelson) that almost all of the other NRL clubs would have stood their player down immediately.

In fact I’m of the opinion that he’s at Manly only because no other clubs would want him.

Speculation continues that he will be targeted by UK super league again next year in a four year $1.6m; Manly may also benefit to the tune of a $1m transfer fee to release the ‘five-eighth’.

As far as I’m concerned (and let me tell you, I’ve replaced the following phrase about nine times so that it can be published) he can make like a shepherd and get the flock out of here.

I hope they take the CEO too.

And that’s how I’m seeing it.



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