MAIT's Rates 2002

This page outlines the performance of MAIT so far as well as outlining the major publicity that MAIT has been the subject of.


The MAIT system was tested fully in 2002 on the Australian National Rugby League (NRL) and the results were quite good. Overall results are below:

Overall Performance, 2002: 126/189 (66.7%)
Regular Season Performance: 119/180 (66.1%)
Finals Series Performance: 7/9 (77.8%)

Removing Representative Weeks: 89/126 (70.6%)
Note, any drawn games were counted as incorrect.

The representative weeks were rounds of football played immediately before or after reprentative games (there were three "State of Origin" games and one international test during the 2002 NRL season). Teams typically perform more erratically during this period because their stars were either absent (week before) or have to play two games in one week.

So how does this stack up? According to a Jeff Wells article in the Daily Telegraph (Dec 19, 2002) MAIT was unbeaten by any newspaper expert in Sydney. It was also unbeaten by any of the expert panel on the NRL "Footy Show". The performance was quite good, but we'll have to see how it all goes next year.


The amount of publicity that MAIT has received always amazes me. It's been featured in the press in 61 different countries (that I know of) and has been translated into 14 different languages. Some of the highlights include:


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