The StableMAIT Project

The StableMAIT Project

The StableMAIT Project is the extension of the MAIT software to apply to the sport of horse racing. It is an exciting extension that has been the target of a huge effort over recently and will involve an investigation of whether the MAIT power can have a positive outcome when applied to the horses.

The main initial effort involves focussing on both the Australian and UK horse racing markets, particularly those races appearing on the websites (for Australia) and (for the UK).

During full operation of the system, data is automatically acquired off various online sources, processed by MAIT, then uploaded to where the ratings can be accessed by the registered volunteers. We are currently between testing phases after a reasonable successful, several month long period with the initial algorithm.

At the moment we're looking for more volunteers to test the new system. As a volunteer you will be entitled to free access to all of the UK and Australian horse rating information (ratings of the individual horses in each race) for a period of several months. In return, we ask that you provide us with detailed information as to the ratings, odds and success or failure that you had using the StableMAIT information. Those participating in the project will also receive significant discounts once the package goes commercial.

If you're interested in volunteering to be part of the project, then please email Alan at MAIT to sign up. Updates to the system (to improve the accuracy) will be made regularly, with all volunteers kept informed.