Super 14 Rugby Tips Summary, 2007

I always enjoy tipping Super 14 as it seems to be very "well behaved" in terms of MAIT and how classic artificial intelligence systems are expected to perform. As you can see from the graph at the bottom of the page, the early performance was reasonable (always above 50%, using the ratings from the end of last season as a basis for the beginning of this one), but definately a little eratic. After about week five though it had the teams sorted out and steadily the accuracy began to improve.

The accuracy of MAIT over the season as a whole was 64 correct tips (plus two draws) from the 94 games, which equates to 68.1%. The highlight of the season was probably the period around weeks nine and ten, when the system has a run of fourteen correct from fifteen tips.

The performance of MAIT throughout the 2006 Super 14 season

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