Super 14 Rugby Tips Summary, 2006

2006 saw the addition of two teams to Super 12 to expand the competition to Super 14 Rugby. This posed an additional challenge for MAIT in that these two new teams had no history. It seemed to handle the scenario without too much trouble however and by the end of the season MAIT had correctly tipped 65 winners (plus four draws) from the 94 games played, returning an accuracy of 69.1%.

As seen in the graph below, MAIT was unsure in the early going but as the season went on the system learned more and more about the teams and the accuracy levelled out at around 70%. At one point the system picked back-to-back perfect rounds as part of a run of 18 consecutive games without an incorrect tip.

The performance of MAIT throughout the 2006 Super 14 season

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