NRL Tips Summary, 2006

The NRL has become a little more difficult to tip in the last couple of years. This is good for the competition, and the salary cap probably needs to take some credit for making sure teams are reasonably evenly matched and it's not the same two or three teams that dominate year after year. As always, State of Origin plays havoc with the ratings with leading teams being without there stars for several weeks during the middle of the season.

The final performance was 119 correct tips from the 189 matches played, which is a 63% success rate. One of the best ways to assess how good (or bad) this result is, is to compare it against human tipsters. Compared to tipsters in the leading competition, MAIT was a full 8.2 correct tips better than the average, which puts it well inside the top 2%. So even though I would have liked to see an accuracy up over 65%, it appears that it was just a difficult season, and the performance wasn't too bad.

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